Welcome to the Coaching (R)evolution!

By Davidian Lyon


It was during the holidays, when my girlfriend and I were having a staycation, enjoying some much appreciated downtime, when I received word, that after 16 years working at my company, I was being let go.

I was surprisingly calm. After all the inner growth I had done, I was ready for the adventure, but the insecurity of no longer having a steady paycheck (at least initially) was admittedly uncomfortable.

When I had sought out to find a coach to assist with my next steps, and peered out across the vast sea of mentor marketing, I could have easily found myself adrift, without a strong sense of who could guide me or what was my best next step.

I think this confusion can cause people to feel a bit paralyzed and/or invest in programs that aren’t right for them.

This is why we felt driven and impassioned to build the neutral platform of CoachEXP.

We love self-growth and are obsessed with inner development and self-mastery. However, we see that there is often a varied scale of manipulation. Good people are sometimes resorting to not-so-decent marketing techniques, in an effort to simply being heard above the fray. In the field of self-growth, this can be really damaging to those people who are vulnerable and really need the right support. Oftentimes, people don’t have much discretionary money; certainly not enough to be spent inappropriately on the wrong program.

For this reason, we feel CoachEXP can really support the coaching industry in basically keeping it real…keeping it honest and greatly assist in directing coaching clients to their next RIGHT-FIT coach.

The “Look at me, I am smarter, better, more successful, with the most amazing pristine lifestyle…don’t you want it” kind of marketing is tedious and akin to magazine cover page hype and often harmful for the same reasons.

It makes us CONSUME THEIR BRAND, by causing insecurity and doubt about our life direction or our self-worth..making us feel like we are broken and they can fix us. Oftentimes, programs are sold like magic pills that promise amazing results with little effort and the coach’s support is M.I.A.

We hope to assist in the extinction of this type of disempowering dinosaur marketing.

There are better ways for coaches to promote authentically and share their insight on what is truly needed to have the personal development or healthy business expansion that people crave. A client should expect (and be told) that their success will require their time, effort, and dedication to the process. No program of value does the push-ups for you.

We believe honesty is the best policy!



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