Self Love, The Secret To Living A Life Of Fulfillment

By Erica Nitti Becker

Most of my articles, blogs, and media interviews are centered around mindset, success and results. Underneath this, and the secret to reaching these results, clients must face their level of intimacy with themselves; i.e., Self Love

Depending on your level of intimacy with yourself and others, you can determine your level of feeling fulfillment both now, and what you can expect to feel in the future.

This is the path not spoken of too often, as it may spook many people away. They want to work on their business, not talk about their relationships with themselves or with others, believing one has nothing to do with the other.

“Most people don’t know how much wisdom and power resides in the self, which is not the everyday self that gets mixed up with all the business of life, but a deeper self” -Deepak Chopra


Do you pay more attention to your achievements than you do to inner self connection to yourself?

Do you intentionally avoid connecting to yourself, believing if you become more successful, love and connection will naturally follow?

Do you believe you don’t have time for yourself, or that you really don’t need to do it, that you are not ‘that person’ who ‘needs’ to?

To have success and fulfillment you must know how to connect with yourself and understand what level you’re at now, and most importantly where you want it to be.

How to connect with your inner self to discover and live with fulfillment

The effects you can expect to feel from practicing the following 3 step process are feeling less anxious, less stress, more in control, more confident, proud, excited, grateful…. And fulfilled!

  1. Meditate- Become aware of your negative emotions and thoughts. Practice letting them pass without you reacting to them.
  2. Love yourself- Honor yourself with self care, reflect daily on positive ways you have made a difference in your life, use positive language as often as you can, forgive yourself, identify and let go of the things keeping you from loving yourself
  3. Self Acceptance- When we judge ourselves, we can’t love ourselves. Every time you reflect on the positive about yourself, you step away from judging yourself.

Finding fulfillment comes from within; making decisions from a place of purpose and with true intention, appreciating and being grateful for your contributions and what you accomplish. Accepting and reflecting on your greatness, allowing mistakes to be your teacher, and loving yourself unconditionally.

Daily Challenge: commit to connecting to your inner self, make it as important as connecting to your business goals and you’ll feel the magic of living a life of success and true fulfillment.

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Erica Becker

Erica Becker

Founder, Mindset & Success Coach at ENBCoaching
Erica Nitti Becker is a certified life & business strategist, co-host of Real Raw Truths podcast, and founder of ENB Coaching. She is an industry expert having coached hundred's of clients in the areas of mindset, personal development, relationships, & career. Erica's passion is helping others break through barriers of perceived limitations to reach their full potential. Her coaching style is laser focused and solution based. Her approach is passionate and purposeful, her energy contagious!
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