Make sure you and your coach are on the same page


Here are some suggestions clients have offered fellow clients, to increase their chance of having success in a coaching program or finding the right-fit coach:

1. Ask the coach what specific results can be realistically achieved by using their program.

2. Based upon these results, determine whether that money is a fair exchange for what you stand to gain and whether you have the discretionary funds available to afford that coach’s program. If not, then don’t purchase the program.

3. Consider whether the amount you’d be spending is an appropriate investment for your perhaps limited discretionary money. For example, spending half of your $5K savings for a Click Funnel strategist, may not be an appropriate investment if you are still working on more pressing issues (such as clarifying your Branding) or higher-priority challenges that are inhibiting your success. Identifying what is a priority for your business is VERY important. The coach is only there to solve the problem they are paid to solve – not all of your problems.

4. Find out what sort of time commitment is required (how many hours per day, week, etc.). It’s VERY IMPORTANT that once you understand and agree to the commitment that the coach says is required to succeed in their program, that you commit to doing no less than what the coach says is required. If you cannot make the commitment, whatever it is, then don’t purchase the program. It’s unacceptable to blame the coach for failing to do YOUR part in achieving success.

5. Determine how much support the coach will offer during their program. Is the program Do-It-Yourself (DIY) with no support other than perhaps a FAQ page, a group coaching program with limited coach support and more peer support, or regular one-on-one support (usually comes at a premium)? It’s important that you know exactly how much support you will be offered, how quickly you will receive that support, and in what form (i.e., email, phone, skype, etc.). Also, find out if this support will be coming directly from your coach or from members of their staff and whether you are OK with that. If not, then don’t purchase the program.