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Our users want to hear about your experience with coaches so they can evaluate the best options for their specific needs. While we appreciate your contributions, we do require you comply with the following guidelines.


Reviews should reflect personal experiences. Reviews based on what you’ve heard or read from others are not what we are after. Be specific in explaining your experience. Think about what you would want to know when reading a review of a coach, and then provide that information so others can benefit from it when considering a coach.


Your reviews should be relevant to the services provided by the coach. The fact the coach is dating the ex-wife of a friend is not relevant to the services being provided by the coach. We are not a gossip or rant site. Focus on facts others would want to know when evaluating coaches.


Would you say it in front of your mom? If not, then you should avoid using the language in a review. Cussing, threats, bigotry, and other offensive statements are a non-starter with us.


Reviews are only of value to others if they are credible. If you formerly worked for the coach in question, are a competitor, or there exist some other factors that create a conflict of interest on your part, please do not leave a review.


You should not publish the private information of others on the site. Phone numbers, locations, and images of individuals should never be included in a review or comment without the permission of the party in question.


Only create and upload original content to your account. Write reviews based on your personal experiences, and upload photos and videos you’ve shot. Intellectual property owners can use laws such as the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to discover your identity and sue you, so don’t “borrow” content from elsewhere on the web.


Coaches cannot provide promotional content on their pages without our permission. Use the Contact function on the Site to reach us regarding promotion options.


You can claim and add content to your business profile. The content should be central to your business, but may not contain promotions without our consent. Profiles are intended to highlight your coaching business. Do not attack competitors.

Do not ask your customers for reviews. You also may not offer to pay for reviews from customers or third party services that offer such services. Doing so violates our Terms of Use and may invite deceptive practices claims from government agencies such as the FTC.


While most people are decent folks and follow common sense practices when leaving and responding to reviews, there are always a few individuals who push the boundaries. Given this, we reserve the right to review and delete reviews or other content uploaded to the Site for any reason in our sole discretion pursuant to our Terms of Use.