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The intention behind CoachEXP


CoachEXP was developed to help potential clients find life coaches, business mentors, and spiritual advisors that are best suited to their specific needs.

This site is both for those of you who have been coached and want to let the world know about their positive or negative experiences and for those who appreciate having more information at their fingertips, before they make that important and often expensive coaching program decision.

For a new potential client searching for the right-fit coach, by using CoachEXP, you will be armed with useful information before making your coach choice, based upon real client testimonials about their mentors.

The reviews cover the gamut – from good to bad and also in-between. We hope you find this site to be a helpful resource and a welcome alternative to relying solely on a coach’s website testimonial page, that includes only glowing recommendations.

CoachEXP is not intended to be a place to bash coaches, but rather to let people hear from others’ experiences: what worked for them and why… so that people can zero in on the right-fit coach.

We also hope to uncover the lesser-known coaches that are doing amazing work… coaches that may not have the flashiest online personalities or be the best self-promoters, but will give you the exact results you are expecting and perhaps even exceed your expectations, because they concentrate less on their marketing and more on achieving positive results for their clients.

The CoachEXP community is made up satisfied and unsatisfied clients such as yourself. They are speaking up and sharing their stories and experiences. Who is doing good work…who could do better?

Are you trying to discern the truth through the thick marketing fog filled with exaggerated earning potential promises, claims of getting amazing results with little effort, and scarcity tactics? Tired of reading “RESULTS NOT TYPICAL” in the coaches’ marketing small print? Instead, find out what results you might expect from reading actual clients’ experiences found on our website.

The writing is now on the wall!

Highlight Line

We are here to serve the coaching community and empower the client by keeping your coaches accountable with respect to their marketing claims, calling attention to the unsung coaching heroes who are rocking it, and helping you find the right-fit mentor that will assist you in reaching your goals!

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