1st Quarter Business Review

It’s really all about YOU!
By Erica Nitti Becker

Can you believe it’s already a few weeks into 2nd quarter?

Have you reflected on your 1st quarter goals and what you accomplished?Or did you jump right in to 2nd quarter? Be honest!

Most people and business’s do a quick overview, believing it’s still early enough in the year and that if they need to, they can make changes on a whim and as they go.

These last next few weeks I have spent time with clients directly on reflecting 1st quarter and (re) setting 2nd quarter goals, where applicable.

It’s such an honor to share in their joy of accomplishing, and celebrating what they’ve worked so hard to achieve. There is also a joy in looking ahead and envisioning what they are creating.

Many of my clients reached their goals, and almost all of them said that it was not reaching their goals that they are most proud of, but it’s that for the first time they were consistent, that they followed through to a plan. And, now they are ready for more results, more celebrating!

Their confidence has increased and they believe they can set new goals aiming much higher, ones that they wouldn’t have normally gone for a few months ago because they never believed they would really follow through.

So now it’s your turn to celebrate.
Here is an exercise that I take my clients through when reviewing their business.

I believe we must look at ourselves, the business owner, before any edits or updates to your business strategy.

Are you feeling more or less energetic going into 2nd quarter?

What were your 1st quarter goals?
Did you reach them?
What were your winning strategies?
What challenges came up?
What did you learn?

What did you find yourself struggling to do each day that you knew you needed to?

Conversations/ communications?
Follow through?
What did you hesitate on?

Moving Forward
Pick your top 2 areas of your mental game that you want to take the next level this next quarter.

Is it about being able to delegate and not feel the need to control every thing?
Or maybe it’s about training your employees and allowing them more time to learn in order to grow and master their craft?
Or maybe it’s being able to accept, appreciate, and let go in order to make decisions more effectively?

My goal when working with executives and business owners is to be sure they are working in the area of their business that is the best place for them at this time.

Meaning, are they spending the right amount of time in proportion to where the business growth and challenges are?

Where ever you are in your business, and whatever role you are being, are you being most productive, and are you aware of how you are growing or hindering your business?

Now that I’ve opened up a lot of curious minds, take some time to answer these questions and consider what might be different if you stepped into, or out of, your business.

There may be more in your own fears that is hindering your business, which you have been blaming on not having the right staff, the right product, or the market isn’t good for you.

I’m challenging you to always look at YOU first, and then make strategy changes and updates.

I wish you a successful 2nd quarter!

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Erica Becker

Erica Becker

Founder, Mindset & Success Coach at ENBCoaching
Erica Nitti Becker is a certified life & business strategist, co-host of Real Raw Truths podcast, and founder of ENB Coaching. She is an industry expert having coached hundred's of clients in the areas of mindset, personal development, relationships, & career. Erica's passion is helping others break through barriers of perceived limitations to reach their full potential. Her coaching style is laser focused and solution based. Her approach is passionate and purposeful, her energy contagious!
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Erica Becker

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