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A LIFE COACH can empower you to find a career you’ll love, a BUSINESS MENTOR can help your business grow to earn 6 figures, a RELATIONSHIP COACH can help you find your beloved, a WELLNESS COACH can help you reach new heights in health and fitness, and a SPIRITUAL TEACHER can help you rise to higher levels of consciousness.

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Self Love, The Secret To Living A Life Of Fulfillment March 13, 2017

By Erica Nitti Becker Most of my articles, blogs, and media interviews are centered around mindset, success and results. Underneath this, and the secret to reaching these results, clients must face their level of intimacy with themselves; i.e., Self Love Depending on your level of intimacy with yourself and others, you can determine your level … Read more

Stop Trying To Be So Authentic February 28, 2017

– By Tad Hargrave – Authenticity is not a goal. It’s a byproduct of something else. It’s not something you can put on like a coat. It’s not a strategy. It’s not something you can posture at. It’s not even the goal. It’s the result of something else that you’re doing. There’s the old story … Read more

Admit Your Limitations February 22, 2017

– By Tad Hargrave – “Come and learn the possibilities (and the limitations) of holistic nutrition.” These remain one of my favourite sentences ever penned in marketing. I remember reading it, on a poster for a workshop on holistic nutrition at an organic grocery store in town, and being struck at how much more credible … Read more

Guaranteed Way to Power Up Your Day… February 14, 2017

~By Linda Albright~ My partner and I follow an (almost) daily practice which has been incredibly powerful and has produced phenomenal results. Each morning, we take turns stating our intentions out loud to each other. After saying each one, we then pause and listen for those “helpful” voices inside our heads that  recite for us … Read more

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